5 – 2 Bare Breasts and 1 Margarita

18 May


So, my birthday was last week…and I’m sure you’re wondering if I got any bday sex.  Yes!  I did…but I will say that it came in an unforeseen fashion (lol).  Kenneth made a date with me for the Friday night after my birthday.  I made sure to look as sexy as possible because he told me, before his arrival, that his time frame for MY birthday dinner with him could only last between 8:00-10:30 pm. I believe that it is pointless to say that I was *miffed* by the idea of him taking me out, booking me up, and not sealing the deal (once again…back to my grandmother’s wise advice about having a spare).  I do not have a spare.  I have am currently taking applications for one, however, I have yet to find something to my liking.

Okay…so back to the sexiness…I purchased the perfect “little black dress.”  I looked as though I had been molded inside this dress!  Spaghetti straps…knee length…oh, and the bodice of the dress buttoned-up, so I made sure that I left the top button undone (and I am VERY top heavy).  My mission was to lead him astray and commandeer his body, thereby keeping him in my bed all night long and away from whatever plans he made on MY bday dinner night.

I had one Pomegranate Margarita and I was completely loopy.  So loopy that while on the way back to my apartment, I began to reach my hands up into the sky once he dropped the top of his convertible…I arched my back and allowed the ripples of wind to whip through my fingers.  I felt so free, but yet trapped at the same time.  I wanted to do something that would REALLY conjoin me with the bond of nature, so I began to unbutton my dress.

Kenneth glanced over at me while I unbuttoned myself, and practically swerved off the road.  His hands were confused! One strove to cup my breast while the other steered the car along the sinewy road.  “What are you doing, girl?” he asked as he leered longingly at the cleavage peeping through the folds of my dress.  I smiled wickedly and then completely exposed myself (yes, it was dark…and yes, it was not a well lit road).  Kenneth seemed incredulous at how brazen I had become.  He looked at me as though he did not know me…and the truth is, he doesn’t.

When I was in undergrad, I did stuff like that all the time (without the influence of ANY drugs)…I did it because I felt like it, and because whomever I was with was very accepting of me…my TRUE (uninhibited) self.  Not many men are capable of handling that.  After that moment, I really did feel free…I realized that what I had done was more for me than for him, when initially, I thought I was doing it only to capture his attention.

When Kenneth dropped me off that night, he came in for a while…but still no bday sex. The next day, however, he did call and stop by to deliver a quickie.  I think the image of the dress combined with my bare breasts blowing in the wind was too much for him to say no to.


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